Monday, August 5, 2013


Dutch Summer is a brand and wholesale of outdoor furniture who knocked on my door to do the styling and production for their new international campaign and in-store promotion for the product BUX, an inimitable Chesterfield pouf inspired by the box tree. 

The concept
Together with photographer Harry van der Brugghen we developed a concept of a dressing room inspired by Las Vegas showgirls mixed with burlesque. We totally sugarcoated that concept with old and new glamour. Loads of feathers, glitter, ruffles, beads, shiny fabric and diamonds. Everything had to be completely over the top.

The trick
The big trick was that we used just one female model, Katy Cee, and digitally copied her seven times through the image. Katy Cee had to pose as she was interacting with her colleagues and her bouncer. Every time I added little changes to the set to get a full dressing room. For example the blue mermaid maxi skirt I used twice, just like the big ruffled pink dresses.

The outfits and the set
I made most of the outfits by hand, but some of them I borrowed from other showgirls for example the big headpieces. Most things you see in the set just came straight from my own bedroom. Luckily I am the owner of many glitter and glamour vintage. 

You can see the end result of the print work on my website ROOM031.
Want your own BUX? Order here. You can use the BUX indoor as well as outdoor.