Saturday, July 20, 2013


The booming fashion business is amazing and we all love to work in it. But what can we do to create a better world? What can we do to be a good and active citizen and role model, to care for the planet, nature, people and children?

Co-create a better world
Don't close your eyes for your inner beauty. We can co-create, step by step, a better world. I believe we can reach further than the sky if we unite, create mass awareness and raise funds for worthy causes. 

It’s time to give back to the people and the planet. 

The Beautiful Minds Inc.
The organisation The Beautiful Minds Inc. is established to build an unprecedented global social action network and movement of (top)model humanitarians/ social entrepreneurs. Their aim is that in future all (top)models from around the world are united as one and together make up The Beautiful Minds Inc. Social Action Network. 

[高清晰] People in Nature - Relaxing in Nature  1920*1200 NO.39 Wallpaper

Network meeting
Unfortunately I cannot attend at The Beautiful Minds Network meeting in Amsterdam at July 29th due obligations here in Berlin, but I’m very inspired to be involved with building a world-class humanitarian organisation.

My video testimonial (please forgive my horrible accent and English!) for The Beautiful Minds Inc:

Get involved!
Got inspired? Join The Beautiful Minds Inc. and get involved. Take a pledge, start a fundraiser, volunteer, work, grow and connect with Beautiful Minds. Because together we can make a co-create a better world!

Activate and share your inner beauty!