Wednesday, July 3, 2013


SDOD (Self-Determination Of Dissenter) is a new fashionbrand based in Taiwan who doubt mainstream. Their designs are inspired by the daily life of social movement participants like hardcore and punk subcultures.

Exclusively for MY LAST ISSUE I had a talk with the designers, Dt and Doriz.

We are one
Their first collection called REBEL in collaboration with XXX Handmade is inspired by the continuous fight of different cultures. As a starting point they chose the fight gear of the soldiers of the World War II. 

For example, the leather bag below is inspired by a gas mask: 
Most of the designs are unisex, because the philosophy of SDOD is that everyone should unite. No matter if you're poor or rich - we are all one. 

The power of resistance
While going through the collection, I noticed SDOD wove barbed wire through their whole collection. From small details to big prints - barbed wire is everywhere to state their vision.

Designer and creative director Dt Tseng explained: "We use barbed wire because it's a powerful symbol. It recalls the Great War, concentration camps, the Iron Curtain, Cuba and prisons like Guantanamo Bay. It stands for resistance but it is also a symbol of oppression, intolerance and genocide. "

Regeneration of a new generation
But SDOD uses more symbolism in their dark collection, like snake skin print on a clothing piece that can be worn on different ways. Tseng continues: "A snake sheds his skin regularly, when old skin is outgrown. This stands for regeneration of a new generation. This impairs the vision of SDOD of becoming more aggressive due feeling more vulnerable."

What SDOD attempts to state is as a mankind, the basic rights, a free will, and self determination practiced on every individual.


Are you in Berlin for fashionweek? Visit SDOD at THE EDGED to see the collection yourself!

3rd-5th of July 2013 @ EDGED Showroom
Location: Panatom Gallery, Torstrasse 100, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

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