Sunday, July 21, 2013


One of the most exciting things Amsterdam International Fashion Week had to offer this time was Nieuw Jurk, the Amsterdam-based label of Esther Meijer.

Going Ape in Nieuw Jurk
Meijer graduated in 2004 from the fashion academy in Arnhem with the collection ‘Going Ape in Nieuw Jurk’, where Nieuw Jurk was a fictional city and the models the Nieuw Jurk-gang. (Nieuw Jurk - New York, get it?) Her designs are now available in stores in Europe, Asia and Australia.

A Nieuw Jurk-concept is reflected in a collection, it’s print design and presentation. Since 2009 Nieuw Jurk is wellknown because of the conceptual and unique way of showing collections, where fashion is presented in a innovative and multidisciplinary way. Youth culture and it’s subcultures like hiphop, rave, gothic and grunge are a big inspiration for Meijer.

For her new collection ‘$€XXX’, presented by Dutch porn actress Bobbi Eden at AIFW, Meijer was inspired by the influence of porn on society: the rise of the (internet) porn industry has had an indelible impact on society and our sexual morality. 

Esther Meijer and ex-pornstar Sofia Valentine during the finale of ‘$€XXX’, AIFW 2013

Pornofication of society
With her show Meijer wants "pornofication and sexualization of society" to be criticized. According to Meijer, who did an internship at Bas Kosters, porn and fashion are not far apart because they both play with the imagination and in both cases there is a stage play.

The collection is a playful and humorous translation of the theme porn. Sex and the imagery that goes with it, is the literal or figurative inspiration for shapes, colors, fabrics and prints.
Let's have a little bit of fun
Meijers new collection is also featured in Dutch magazine sex Foxy. She's not afraid that her choice of pornography will hinder her at a later stage. Meijer at "Nothing I've done has ever caught up to me. I'll keep doing what I'm doing. This comes from within and will also fit in 10 years in the picture. I'm making a statement, I'm making a name and I am three thousand percent behind. I just see it all much brighter. Let's have a little bit of fun!"

Nieuw Jurk is over-the-top but multi-wearable and gives a new perspective on shapes, sizes, body image and social issues. I'm a big fan!

Watch the finale of the show '$€XXX' below:

Happy Nieuw Jurk!