Sunday, June 9, 2013


My new religion is called Kokon To Zai, who specializes in the extreme end of contemporary fashion. The designers on offer are often drawn to wilder graphic prints, over-the-top accessories and a real emphasis on experimentation.

Kokon To Zai
Originally Kokon To Zai was the umbrella of retail stores ‘Kokon To Zai’ in London and Paris, where world renowned DJ Sasko Bezovski combined his passion for music and fashion. The space began as a record store in 1996, but is later combined into a collaboration of the fashion label KTZ with Marjan Pejoski, who is known for the notorious Bj√∂rk swan dress.

Church printed symbols
I know the summer collection just came out - but I'm more in love with their winter collection from 2013, filled with Russian orthodox church symbols, galaxy, punk and ninja goth elements.

My favourite piece: The Church Printed Hoodie Jersey Jacket

Renowned cult hybrid
Kokon To Zai resulted into a renowned cult hybrid, a space dedicated to all creative artists all over the world. It’s every stylist’s dream and it's the first stop if you’re looking for unknown names making one-off pieces. 

Oh, and guess who's one of the designers for Kokon To Zai? My favourite principal from the University of Palilloism: Daniel Palillo. This can't be a coincidence.


57 Greek Street
86 Golborne Road

48 Rue Tiquetonne