Monday, May 6, 2013


Let us all Pray For Paris, a unisex clothing line offering extremely limited fashion pieces at the highest quality born by the need for an affordable high street alternative which is trend driven yet original. 

Philosophy: Fast fashion kills fashion
They focus on limited edition only because they believe that the fashion industry has been in a steady decline for the past decade. So called ‘fast fashion’ has flourished and spread globally, with help from multinational retail outlets. 

Recently this has been taken to the extreme when outlets copy everything from the designer. Trends seen on the runway at fashion week can now be in a high street store within 10 days and at a fraction of the price. This hits the designers sales and profits hugely and has seen the fashion industry change dramatically, leaving many thinking about the future of the true fashion.

Get your own limited edition!
Pray For Paris aim to give the lucky few an affordable alternative to the high street clones, yet still be 100% original and on trend. Each of their pieces are extremely limited and the chances are you will never see anyone else wearing your product.