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Saturday, May 18, 2013


The indoor festival of NOW & WOW is a festival where music, video art, design, fashion, theatrical decoration and performances all melt together into an ultimate mix. Inspired by house-parties in Barcelona, Berlin and London, NOW & WOW puts down an unique cross-pollination of electronic music, pop, dance, trash, hiphop, disco and techno. 

NOW & WOW stimulate the diverse audience to also participate artistically by their cryptic dress codes:

Get a glimpse backstage!
Exclusively for ROOM031 and MY LAST ISSUE I did the backstage photography. Watch below how the amazing live art performers get ready to astonish the fashionable crowd:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


See also this look on LOOKBOOK.NU


Congratulations! You have been officially accepted to turn on, tune in and drop out from the University of Palilloism.
Meet your principal Daniel Palillo, one of the original talents on the Finnish fashion scene who studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. You can describe his collections as something between Gothic, hip hop and heavy metal. 

New collection
His new collection 'WASTED YOUTH' originates in an epochal moment during the designer’s own freshman year when a group of students hijacked the school radio and blasted Beck’s “Loser” all over the corridors and classrooms. Too cool for school, the song became an anthem for Palillo. May it also inspire you, the class of autumn/winter 2013, along your way.

Check out Daniel Pallilo's full lookbook down here:

A mix of worlds and power words
Remember, whatever works. Not only losers, but also rebels, nerds, goths, jocks and cheerleaders get their uniforms. In fact, Palillo dresses up the entire high school social scene as he remembers it from the nineties: hoods, zippers, fleeces, and Creepers in collaboration with UNDERGROUND shoes. A mix of worlds and power words, the ups and downs of adolescent life are shared at the University of Palilloism where the point is not to take it too seriously.

You're suspended! For now.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Remember my last issue about Pray For Paris? Today they launched their brand new collection of limited editions, which was sold out in an eye-blink. But don't worry, in the beginning of June the sold out designs will be restocked.  

The ones I'll pray for:

Check out the full collection here. What do you think? And did you get yours?


A perfect place to do a fashion or videoshoot is at abandoned places with a rich history, which are plenty full in Berlin. One of my favorite (after Spreepark) is the Ballhaus Riviera and Gesellschaftshaus Grünau in Berlin, two Ballroom Buildings built in 1895 and 1897. 

Falling under slight disrepair during the DDR years they were put under administration after the German Reunification. Failing to find a buyer over the years, the buildings have been heavily vandalized and are at the verge of collapsing, which results into this:

Location: Regattastraße 160, Treptow-Köpenick Berlin, Germany

How to enter: It's officially verboten and private property, but there's no security. For the urban explorers under us: The best way to enter is on the left side of the building, close to the water.

Note: Always be careful when entering an abandoned place. Enter with more people at broad daylight. 

Monday, May 6, 2013


Let us all Pray For Paris, a unisex clothing line offering extremely limited fashion pieces at the highest quality born by the need for an affordable high street alternative which is trend driven yet original. 

Philosophy: Fast fashion kills fashion
They focus on limited edition only because they believe that the fashion industry has been in a steady decline for the past decade. So called ‘fast fashion’ has flourished and spread globally, with help from multinational retail outlets. 

Recently this has been taken to the extreme when outlets copy everything from the designer. Trends seen on the runway at fashion week can now be in a high street store within 10 days and at a fraction of the price. This hits the designers sales and profits hugely and has seen the fashion industry change dramatically, leaving many thinking about the future of the true fashion.

Get your own limited edition!
Pray For Paris aim to give the lucky few an affordable alternative to the high street clones, yet still be 100% original and on trend. Each of their pieces are extremely limited and the chances are you will never see anyone else wearing your product.


Saturday, May 4, 2013



If you're in The Netherlands tomorrow, you can't miss the 12th edition of Mode Marché. Mode Marché is a stock sample sale with Dutch fashion designers like Bas Kosters, MLY, Urban Nomads, Mada van Gaans and Jeroen van Tuyl. 
More than shopping only!
It has an approachable but stylish character, where a mix of new talented and established designers can sell their clothing, accessories, fabrics and sample collections to their fans. Besides shopping there will be pop-up fashion shows, music, (video) art and photography. 

See you there!


Berlin Beauty is a long term project created by the photographer Petrov Ahner in 2011 focusing on portrait series and projects reflecting the way of life in contemporary Berlin.

Contradicted Berlin
Often in Berlin, you can find both ugliness and beauty occurring at the same moment and place. It is this contradiction which makes the city exceptional and challenging. Next to this Berlins vast and undefined spaces give the opportunity to experience beauty by experimenting with it.

Petrov Ahner explains: "People and faces represent, leave an imprint, create the look and rhythm of a city. Next to its architecture, history, politics and landscape they are the living and creating part of it, they reflect the city as the city reflects them.

For this project, the participant have to chose their own location, styling and look. Also they have to write a short text about their relationship with Berlin.

My personal contribution for Berlin Beauty:

Photo taken at Friedrichshain/Berghain, Feb 2013 © petrov ahner

Indulged in a pool of identity
For the location of the shoot, I chose the best techno club of the world: Berghain. Of course. This place is incomparable and the people who got in know what I mean. My outfit was a comparison with day and night - the stars, the light, the darkness. And there were more hidden symbols in this picture to describe my relationship with Berlin, which you can find in the text I've written:

"When the nights are long and the days are short, I’ll have to follow the place where I stay. It says it all that Berlin has touched me deeply with its vortexes of creativity and ambiguity.

Indulged in a pool of identity, Berlin creates a progressive joint-compound of relationships, even though the characters differ. They contain a group of forms who present their individual identity, who are largely lost. So close to each other but yet isolated without direct environment.

The avant-garde, progressive and hip atmosphere surrounds me when walking through Berlin. Words in each colour and form are dancing before my eyes while the beats of the city are singing in my blood.

Berlin is, with its subdued monochromatic character, like an old black and white movie to me. Filled and surrounded by contradictions. Brutal and beautiful. Present and absent. Convex and concave. Scarce and abundant. All at once.

I’m not too early nor too late. I arrived here in time. What I was searching for, I have found. And Berlin found me."