Monday, April 22, 2013


So I finally did it. I've created a digital playground for the images and thoughts out of my brain, in other words: a blog. Allow me to introduce myself briefly. Hi, I’m Anneliese – born on the third day of 1988 and I would like to welcome you to MY LAST ISSUE.

This is how I look with make-up, flashlight, Photoshop and all that stuff:

And this is the truth:

I started to work as a model many years ago. I kind of rolled into this job because I wanted to gain some work experience in the creative fashion industry and modeling was the easiest access. 

Besides modeling, studying and socializing I work as a young creative professional. I launched a creative art factory called ROOM031

Within ROOM031 I develop unique concepts and creations, which results in the optimal balance between creativity and functionality. I'm available for  photography, fashion styling, artwork and graphic design. 

What else? 
I’m a vegetarian. Yes, it's true. I'm one of those girls who prefers to eat biological, healthy and vegetarian. I said prefers. Why? Because I'm a happy sinner. I exercise mostly in the club. I just love to put my red lipstick on and dance the night away. With a ciggy. Don't blame me, I'm young and stupid. (And sometimes way too honest.)

The world is my playground
I’m originally from Holland, but I love to travel and live everywhere. I feel like I don’t belong to a certain country, I belong to the world. Like my favourite artist Pete Doherty sang in his song: The Whole World Is Our Playground

I currently live in Berlin, Germany. I love Berlin to death. You think Amsterdam is liberal and tolerant? Wait and see Berlin - the most avant-garde, progressive and hip place on Earth. 

But enough about me. Time to explain what this blog is going be all about. Or maybe.. You will need to find out by yourself.

XOXO, Anneliese