Thursday, April 25, 2013


One of the showrooms that I've visited in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2013 was fashion brand Degenerotika - which you can describe as a dangerous blend of beauty, eroticism, provocativeness, indifference, a violent breach and need to overcome social and stylistic conventions. It is set to eliminate the fear of otherness. 

The collections are violent, fatal and uncompromising and demands of it's consumers to be rigorously individual, relentlessly attractive, with a strong and obstinate mentality. Degernerotika gets inspired by many origins from the past, above all surrealism, dada and also numerous styles in fashion that pursued extravagant expressions, it is definitely an avant-garde fashion name who needs to be remembered. 

Degenerotika arose as an independent project in the last few years and became an intriguing (counter)part of Slovenian and lately also international fashion world. Degenerotika was portrayed numerous times in most of the Slovenian fashion and art magazines and made it's appearance on the higly prized fashion venues in Slovenia. 

It is rumoured that it also caught the eye of several world renowned opinion leaders...