Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today is a perfect day to rock my Jean Paul Gaultier maxi skirt, which I bought in a vintage store many years ago. Most of the time I combine long maxi skirts with a bustier top, because a my Summer fashion rules are:

RULE 1. Covered legs means you're allowed to show a lot of skin up! So for example you can wear just a bra, a bustier top or a cropped t-shirt.

RULE 2. If you decide to cover your upper body, for example with an oversized sweater, it means you can wear just a hotpants or a mini skirt so you can show of your legs.

Spice it up baby
I love to combine my biker boots to not make this look too girly. Same reason goes for my St. Pauli bag. I like to spice it up a little! But I also wear hippie sandals with it. If the weather gets really hot, you don't want to wear boots! 

For the finishing touch I accessorize my look with a vintage belt and some jewelry.

See also this look on LOOKBOOK.NU

What do you think about my look? And how do you combine your maxi skirts?